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JoAnna Mendoza is a retired United States Marine. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the United States Marine Corps or Department of Defense.

Let's Get to Work. Join Us. 

Veteran. Mother. Leader.

JoAnna Mendoza is a Democrat running for Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 11. She is a retired US Marine, native Arizonan, fierce Mother, and compassionate leader who stands ready to fight for you and serve as your next State Senator.

Why Your Vote Counts

Our children deserve to grow up in a district that is safe, healthy, and thriving. They will inherit what we leave for them and it will become their burden to fix. Right now, we are at a crossroads, if we don't do everything in our power to change things, we will have severed the last light of hope for them. Join me! Together we can create the future they deserve.
This why your voice-your choice-your vote matters!

Legislative District 11

Cities, Towns, & Areas in LD 11

  • Saddlebrook

  • Oro Valley

  • Marana

  • Red Rock

  • Picture Rocks

  • Picacho

  • Toltec

  • Arizona City

  • Silverbell

  • Stanfield

  • Casa Grande West

  •  Hidden Valley

  • Aki Chin 

  • Maricopa

If your city, town, or area is not listed here, click below to determine if you live in LD 11. 

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