I believe people deserve a government that is trustworthy, accessible, and that will work for them.

- JoAnna Mendoza

Restoring Public Trust in Our Government

Before running for State Senate, I worked as a staffer in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. This experience opened my eyes to the countless ways our leaders have let down the people of District 11. I realized folks were in worse shape than when I grew up. With no leadership from State Legislators, the Congressional office became the first stop for many people in need. The system shouldn’t work this way – forcing everyday Arizonans to ask the federal government for help, while our State Legislators serve the interests of a select few.
Our state government must serve ALL of Arizona. As someone who spent my life in service to our country and our communities, I believe people deserve a government that is trustworthy, accessible, and that will work for them.
But first, we must rebuild public trust in our government. The problem today is that we’ve elected officials who abuse their authority and don’t use their power to serve others. For too long, the representatives of this District have abandoned their responsibilities, and their failure to serve our communities couldn’t be clearer. As a State Senator, my first order of business will be to transform this government into the responsible and responsive government that our District needs.
Moving forward, we cannot continue with an “us versus them” mentality. This mindset is dangerous, destructive, and it ignores the common bonds that so many Arizonans share. Yes, we must take control of the State Legislature – but we cannot turn around and treat others the same way we’ve been treated. An “eye for an eye” doesn’t get us anywhere.
I will work to improve the lives of ALL Arizonans. I will fight to fund public education, provide healthcare that’s accessible and affordable, protect our natural resources, and demand equality for every Arizonan. There are many in the current majority with whom I will never see eye-to-eye, but I know that with a shared love for this state, we’ll always be able to find common ground.
We need to stop fighting over party lines and get back to bipartisan solutions. Because ultimately, running for office should be about public service…not party politics.


I will work to transform the government we have into a responsible government you can trust.



I will make myself available to all constituents.


I will place principles over politics, and I will work across the aisle to get stuff done.


I will focus on solving problems and creating solutions that are practical and fiscally responsible.

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I will:

  • Uphold, promote, and demonstrate the highest standards of ethics

  • Be honest and transparent in my actions

  • Use the power of elected office only in the service of my constituents



I will:

  • Post my daily schedule during the legislative session

  • Hold monthly town halls (virtually, until it’s safe to meet in person)

  • Conduct meaningful surveys with constituents

  • Build a constituent services database to understand concerns and identify policy priorities

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I will:

  • Hold at least one meeting with an official from another political party every month

  • Join my Republican colleagues on at least one major piece of legislation each year

  • Work to restore civil discourse and mutual respect among members of the State Legislature

  • Fight the mindset of “us versus them” that threatens our democracy



I will:

  • Work to establish an Ethics Committee that will investigate unethical behavior and hold elected officials accountable

  • Pass a resolution that records Arizona’s support for overturning Citizens United

  • Ban donations from public service (utility) corporations and their connected PACs to political campaigns

  • Stop the "revolving door politics" that allow lawmakers to secure comfy lobbying jobs by cashing in on their inside knowledge

  • Empower the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission to enforce campaign finance rules and require mega-donors to disclose which candidates they support and how much they spend

  • Reform our campaign finance system to ensure that public funding is available at all levels of government

  • Require that members of the State Legislature maintain separate social media accounts for their elected office and political campaigns

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JoAnna Mendoza is a retired United States Marine. Use of her military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the United States Marine Corps or Department of Defense.